Children's Festival

Flower Planting at Newport News Park

Join us at the annual Newport News Park Children's Festival.  When you and your children come and visit us at our tent, you will have the pleasure of planting your very own flower to take home and replant!  After you choose your flower, Master Gardeners will help you to get it potted and teach you how to transplant in your yard.  It is a fun way to get little ones started with gardening!  Come find us there in the month of May.

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Community Gardens

NNMGA assists local groups to successfully begin or maintain community garden projects. Some services provided include providing information about how to avoid common pitfalls when starting a garden and "Ask a Master Gardener" informational presentations. Members of NNMGA were involved in establishing the Hilton Community Garden and continue to support that effort. Outreach has been provided to local entities such as the Denbigh House and Newport News Nursing and Rehabilitation. We look forward to helping you as well!


Garden for Nature

The Garden For Nature Committee promotes the restoration of ecosystems through the removal of invasive plants and the widespread use of native plants throughout our community.

Our activities are focused on expanding educational outreach, increasing access to native plants and seeds, and fostering community partnerships.

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Go Green Expo

For over a decade, the Go Green Expo has featured diverse vendors and exhibitors who present unique handmade products and fascinating new information and perspectives on how to live well.  Our speakers provide invaluable presentations on topics relevant to our environment and the practice of sustainability.  We've covered topics such as landscaping and lawns, composting, Integrated Pest Management, raising bees, bunny rabbits, and chickens, and much, much, more!
You can find Newport News Extension Master Gardeners throughout the event, with a variety of children's activities and information to share, as well as our popular rain barrel and vermiculture workshops.


learning garden

at Riverview Farm Park

This interactive learning garden contains seven small themed gardens, a large butterfly garden and a native tree grove comprised of a variety of small to large native specimens. Brochures containing interdisciplinary activities are located on site, and signage identifies each space with an interactive activity. Residents are encouraged to use the demonstration gardens when making choices of landscape perennials, shrubs and trees for their home gardens.



Healthy Landscapes is a team of our Extension Master Gardeners who respond to requests from residents of Newport News for site visits to solve horticulture problems.  When a visit is deemed necessary in order to help the client, a team of 3-5 Master Gardeners will visit the site, talk with the property owner, assess the issue and create a plan of action that will address the problem.  Site visits are conducted when information cannot be transmitted via phone calls and emails.


Horticulture Therapy

One of our oldest community programs brings residents of the James River Convalescent Center and Newport News Master Gardeners together weekly throughout the year. Activities for the residents often include the creation of handmade flower arrangements that are then enjoyed in their rooms during the week. Flowers are donated from local businesses and member's gardens for the creation of the arrangements. Other fun activities led by Master Gardeners include the enhancement of an outdoor garden space, the creation of bird feeders and other seasonal activities. The most popular aspect of  the Hort Therapy program is the cultivation of personal relationships that bring joy to everyone involved.

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Black Soil
Black Soil

Land Care

Master Gardener Land Care Stewards work to increase and improve the condition of yard waste management in their community through the establishment of volunteer programs to bring about sound land care management practices.  These practices help to lead the community toward a more sustainable landscape system; decrease our unhealthy dependence on diminishing landfill space; greatly improve soil quality without the use of commercial fertilizers; and help to create more beautiful home landscapes.


Plant Sales

Our semi-annual plant sales are a big hit!  You will see us in the spring at the home of one of our members and then when the air starts to get crisp we will be at the Newport News Fall Festival.  You never know what you will find, but usually there are a variety of houseplants, native plants for your yard, flowers, shrubs, flower bulbs, and sometimes even a little gardening gear like pots, gloves, books or aprons.  The funds from our sales go toward student scholarships and back to the community!

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Rain Barrel

Rain Barrel Workshops are designed to educate homeowners in the importance of water conservation and recycling while creating a rain barrel for use in their home landscape and gardens. Our workshops, held throughout the year, feature experts from Newport News Waterworks, Newport News Recycling Division, and Newport News Extension Master Gardeners. You’ll find these events at the CNU Garden Symposium, the Go Green Expo at Brittingham-Midtown Community Center and at the Mariners’ Museum.


School programs

NN Extension Master Gardeners will work with your school personnel and students to help create the school garden of your dreams! While each school must take ownership of their garden, Master Gardeners can offer leadership, information, instruction and encouragement throughout the process. From planting one tree to the creation of a complete working garden, Master Gardeners are available to work with your team to enable a successful project in your school.

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NNMGA will provide expert speakers for your local garden club, school or civic group. We love to share! Let's get together to learn about all aspects of horticulture. We have speakers who love gardening as much as you do and are eager to share their knowledge with you and your group. Our mobile equipment allows us to make professional quality presentations to your group. We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you and your group!

Tree Lined Park


Whether you are a homeowner wondering why your dogwood stopped blooming or a teacher looking for a program on the importance of trees, you can call on the Tree Stewards to steer you in the right direction. The Tree Stewards are Master Gardeners who have taken advanced training in trees, their care, and their critical importance to the environment. One of our most important jobs is tree calls; coming to your home to look at any tree you have questions or concerns about. We have also taken on major group projects such as inventorying every tree on Langley Air Force Base.  You will frequently find us at festivals, libraries and schools giving out information to encourage people to care for their trees properly and to plant more trees. 

Tree Lined Park
Discovery Stem Academy 1.jpeg
Discovery Stem Academy 1.jpeg

TREX Plastic Recycling Project

NN Master Gardeners collect, save and recycle flexible plastic of all kinds as a part of a program created by the TREX Company, Inc.  The goal of the company’s program is to keep thousands of pounds of waste out of landfills and to provide recycled materials for the creation of environmentally responsible outdoor products.  

Our volunteers collect, weigh and report collection totals throughout each month.  By dropping the collected plastic at a participating store, our organization has qualified for benches that have been donated/placed at various locations throughout the city.  Each bench represents 500 lbs. or 37,500 plastic bags that have been collected and saved by our members.



Ready to take your home gardening to the next level?  Want to compost but don’t have room?  Looking for a year round source of fertilizer?  Vermiculture, or worm composting, may be the answer for you.  Newport News Master Gardener, Dale Timmer hosts these workshops at Go Green Expo.  Learn about the benefits of raising worms in your own home and walk away with your own complete worm composting bin.  Your kids will LOVE this workshop!  

vermiculture workshop.jpg
Blue Waters Kayak


Water Stewards are Master Gardeners who have received advanced training in water quality, conservation, and management. They can design programs to educate the community on water conservation and landscape management practices to protect water resources. In Newport News, the buffer zone at  Causey’s Mill is a Water Steward project. All Master Gardeners can participate in Water Steward projects.