This page lists resources and horticultural links that you might find useful.

Here are articles written by our own Master Gardeners:

Visit Virginia Cooperative Extension's YouTube page for more informative videos!

​​Files for Gardeners

Recommended Readings

Great Plant Guide, American Horticultural Society

Sunset Basic Gardening Illustrated
Ortho Books (various books on specific gardening topics

Taylor's Guide to Gardening Techniques

Best of Organic Gardening, Rodale Press

The Pocket Garden Troubles Expert, Dr. D.G. Hessayon

Home Landscaping:  Mid-Atlantic Region, Roger Holmes and Rita Buchanan

Anyone Can Landscape, Joel M. Lerner

Lasagna Gardening, Patricia Lanza

Perennials:  A Growing Guide for Easy, Colorful Gardens, Emma Sweeney 

Great Links!

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