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Help Desk

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Virtual Help Desk

Do you have black spots on your plants, unknown insects nibbling on leaves or trees dropping leaves for seemingly no reason? “Who ya gonna call?“ The Help Desk!

The Extension Master Gardener Help Desk is a popular resource for assisting residents with their horticulture questions.  Extension Master Gardeners are trained to provide residents with research-based information and suggestions from unbiased educational sources. The Help Desk also takes referrals for our Stewards who are experts in Trees, Water and Land Care as well as Healthy Landscapes.

Don’t delay, contact us today!

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Catch up with your local Extension Master Gardeners at one of our mobile help desks.  You can look out for our table at community events around Newport News throughout the year!  We are always thrilled to answer your questions, hear your gardening stories, and help you find your green thumb.  Grab a brochure or a soil test kit when you stop by.

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