School Programs is one of our fastest growing projects.  It's also one of our most important projects in that it represents a core educational program.  

How it works:

  • We are contacted by a local school to help start a gardening program.

  • We visit with school staff to discuss their requests.

  • We discuss what options they may have.

  • We formulate a program they may follow.

  • If their program includes constructing a new garden, we provide instruction and suggestions for obtaining funds and possible volunteers.

  • We make sure the students are involved in all processes.

  • We meet occasionally with instructors and students to evaluate their progress.

It is imperative that all parties, especially the schools, take ownership of their gardens.  As volunteers of VCE, Master Gardeners can only lead and suggest steps that will hopefully lead to successful gardening programs.  On this page are documents that can also help a school make their program a success.

Food Safety for School and Community Gardens

Soil Facts:  Minimizing Risks of Soil Contaminants in Urban Gardens

Your School and Pollinators

School Programs

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