Rain Barrel Workshops

Rain Barrel Workshops are designed to educate homeowners in the importance of water conserva9on and recycling while crea9ng a rain barrel for use in their home landscapes and gardens. Our workshops, held quarterly throughout the year, feature experts from Newport News Waterworks, Newport News Recycling Division, and Newport News Extension Master Gardeners. You’ll find these events at the CNU Garden Symposium, the Go Green Expo at Brittingham-Midtown Community Center and at the Mariners’ Museum.

For a small fee, our workshops supply the attendee with all the materials needed to make a rain barrel. During the workshop, the attendee assembles a barrel, learns how to attach the barrel to the home and discovers how to paint the barrel in order to make it a decorative addition to the landscape.


There are a number of reasons to harvest water using a rain barrel. Globally, populations are increasing while the accessibility to potable water decreases. Also locally, rainfall is an unpredictable resource for your garden and landscape. By becoming more educated in water conservation, you can learn to save this precious resource using rain harvesting which will reduce runoff and water pollution. If you are interested in attending one of our workshops, contact the VCE office at 757-591-4838. Information about all our public events can be found under Calendar of Events. You may also learn about our activities on our Facebook page, facebook.com/Newport News Master Gardeners .

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