Popular Rose Varieties

From Basic Rose Growing in Tidewater, Virginia, by Master Gardeners Leslie Bowie, Gloucester; Lisa Broudy, Newport News; Jan Spencer, Hampton.

When planning a rose garden, selection of proper varieties is important.  It is often difficult to choose from the hundreds of varieties available.  The American Rose Society (ARS) is recognized as the organization that sets standards for rose quality in the United States and rates the various available varieties.  The All American Rose Selections (AARS) are those that have received a high rating in rose test gardens throughout the country.  Local ARS members are surveyed annually to assess hardiness and overall performance of roses grown in their gardens, and results are published in the local chapter's newsletter.

Roses that have consistently grown well in this area include:

Hybrid Teas

Peace (pale yellow)

Mr. Lincoln (red)

Garden Party (white)

Double Delight (white with red)

Pristine (white)

Mikado (red)

First Prize (pink)

Korlingo (red)

Perfume Delight (pink)

Milestone (red)

Dolly Parton (orange)


Sunsprite (yellow)

Europeana (red)

Gold Badge (yellow)

French Lace (white)

Playboy (red)

Cherish (pink)

Playgirk (pink)


Queen Elizabeth (pink)

Love (red and white)


Tidewater (white)

Kingig (pink)

Jean Kenneally (apricot)

Cupcake (pink)

Lady Sunblaze (pink)

Kathy Robinson (pink)

Mother's Love (pink)

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