Information for MGs

Master Gardeners often have files that we can or need to share amongst ourselves.  The homeowner is also welcome to view or download these files.  Remember that other files are also located in the Resources page.  Files are listed at the bottom of this page.


The VCE Master Gardener Policies Statement can be downloaded here, or you can visit the site here.  Here are the By-Laws for the Newport News Master Gardeners.

We now are able to enter our volunteer hours on-line using the Virginia Master Gardener Volunteer Management System.  When you are setup to enter your hours, you will be notified by email.  Meanwhile, this tutorial will show you how the system works:  VMS Tutorial.  This is the VMS Users Manual.


There have also been many questions and concerns about required background checks.  These two documents may help explain how this works:  VCE Volunteers and VCE Volunteer Screening Guidelines.


The VCE MGs also have a Facebook page now!


Master Gardener Training Handouts