We added a demonstration butterfly garden in 2019.  Visit the garden this year to see what's new for our visiting butterflies!

Visit our Native Tree Demonstration Garden

In 2018, the Newport News Master Gardeners received a Trees For Clean Water Grant from the Virginia Department of Forestry.  Using those funds, 29 native trees were purchased and installed in a garden directly behind the Grin & Grow Learning Garden.  Through the cooperation of the Newport News Parks, Recreation and Tourism, this new educational resource will enable Master Gardeners to educate the public about the advantages of choosing native trees for their home landscapes.

Visit this new garden to see eleven native tree species of all sizes and shapes.  You will certainly find the tree that meets your landscaping needs.  Select a tree that is perfectly suited to our Tidewater Virginia climate and supports native wildlife!

Here is a list of all the native trees in the garden, including some information about the wildlife each supports.

Your Guide to Native Trees

Grin and Grow Garden Educational Activities


The Newport News Master Gardeners welcome you to the Grin and Grow Learning Garden.  Our Garden is designed for families and groups to have fun while learning about nature and the environment.

























Each section of the garden’s smiling face contains plants related by theme.  You can enjoy a variety of smells and textures in the “grin”, our Garden for the Visually Impaired.  The “ears” are home to Native Grasses, and the “nose” contains an abundance of flowering plants that comprise the Pollinators’ Garden. In the left “eye” you will enjoy Rock Garden plants that provide year round interest, while the right “eye” is home to our fascinating Evergreen Garden, featuring a poodle inspired cypress!  The diagrams below

identify the plants in each garden.



With changes occurring daily, you’ll want to visit often! The Grin and Grow Learning Garden is located in Riverview Farm Park at the intersection of Menchville Road and Riverview Parkway. From Menchville, turn onto Riverview Parkway and follow signs to the playground.


Kids' Activities

Kids are natural gardeners!  They love to play in the dirt and to learn by doing.  While working in a garden, children can learn the satisfaction of caring for a plant over an extended period of time, watching it grow and observing the natural cycle of life.

Gardening gives children a chance to learn important life skills and is a great way to teach  environmental awareness.

Our activities include the downloadable files below:


Activity 1 (Discover Shape and Form in the Garden!)

Activity 2 (Fun Hunt)

Activity 3 (Parts of the Plant)

Activity 4 (Flower Power)

Activity 5 (Plant Search)











Come see the latest addition to the Learning Garden, a Monumental sculpture donated by the Huntington Garden Club of Newport News.

Grin and Grow Learning Garden

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