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Causey's Mill is a historic grist mill located in Causey's Mill Park at Newport News, Virginia. It was built in 1866, and is a small two-story wood frame building originally supported by a brick and concrete foundation. It retains its original machinery and is one of the two last surviving grist mills on the Peninsula. The mill operated until nearly the 20th century.[3] In 2011, the mill was moved about 75 feet from its original location away from the shore of Lake Maury and set on a new foundation.

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2008.[1]


Here is a brief history of the mill.

Mary Wright, our former Agriculture and Natural Resource agent, was approached by Mr. Douglas Kennedy, the Superintendent of Landscape Service and Maintenance of the City of Newport News.  As a VCE Water Steward, she was in search of a project for new Water Stewards and Mr. Kennedy had the perfect idea of creating a buffer zone along Lake Maury near the Causey's Mill.  This is her story.  Because the project would not only would help protect Lake Maury as a watershed, it would also serve an education purpose, teaching the community the importance of riparian areas and buffer zones along waterways.  Below are videos of our efforts in creating the Causey's Mill buffer zone.

Presently, with the help of Newport News Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism and students from Christopher Newport University, we are continuing to improve the area.  This will not only help further beautify the area, but also help educate the citizens and visitors to the park on the importance of preserving our waterways by maintaining buffer zones.

Causey's Mill